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BE2c Early - Roden 1/48 NEW!

Roden 1/48 BE2c is a cool kit, but does not have the early production option included, so I have to modify the kit a bit, since I wanted to build a 1915 "Fokker Fodder". I scratched the landing gear and modified the engine to look like a Renault v8 used in early BE2cs. The decal is also home made. I actually do not know, if this specimen ever had union flags painted on the lower wings, but they are so cool I did not mind the exact facts too much. The hulk of a mechanic is from Eduard's RFC Personnel set.

SE5a Hispano-Suiza - Roden 1/48

My second effort on this Roden kit. The Hispano Suiza version of the kit includes the spinner and short span elevators for McCudden's famous B'4891, but the cockpit with roundish plywood panels around the opening you have to scratch. I tried to avoid Roden's own decals, but I could not find any replacements for the upper and lower wing 6s, so I had to use the offerings from the kit sheet. The lower wing 6 went on ok, but the upper wing decal is silvering a bit. The dude is from Eduard's RFC Personnel set. He does not look much like McCudden, I'm afraid, and he's also way too tall to be the famous British ace.

Ansaldo SVA5 - Fly Models 1/48

Aeroclub's old 'Harry Tate' has got a new life with some pretty good new resin parts for the engine, bottom of the nose and cockpit. The old molds for the plastic parts shouldn't be used any more, perhaps, since detail has gone soft or worn out completely. But can you blame Aeroclub for fulfiling a wish of many of us modelers of ww1 subjects in 1/48 and putting the kit available once more?! I added a lot of detail. I used Eduard seat belts and control horns, Part PE for Roden Brisfit and other surplus parts. Some of the rigging got loose on a trip back from a model competition. I had to use a moment of proper day light for photographing - those really are few in Finland in December! - and did not have time to fix the rigging. I used Citadel Bleached Bone for the cdl, Citadel Astronomical Grey for the nose and a 2 parts of Xacrylic Olive Drab and 1 part of Schokoladen Brun mix for the PC10.

Very accurate and nice kit. Roden even sent me a new lower wing for it! With its multi-part fuselage and lots of rigging it was a bit more challenging build than the usual Eduard kits I do. This was a bit of a rehearsal. I'm sure going to build some more, at least the Hisso version! Details are mostly fine. I only detailed the triangle see-trough inspection panels on the wings and tail and changed the solid triangle exhaust pipe and tube sight holders to v-shaped ones. Wing details are otherwise nice and accurate, but I really miss some rib tape details on them. Next time I should make something about it! The decals are from the Americal/Gryphon sheet 145.

RAF BE2c - Aeroclub 1/48

These Aeroclub models seem to be quite OK. Looks a lot like the legendary 'Fokker fodder', but the rear fuselage is not quite right, is it? With all the white metal parts Aeroclub models are - of course - obsolete compared to the finely detailed all injection kits Roden and Eduard are putting out nowadays, but with the two seater 'work horses' you don't always have the choice. Aeroclub kits are - however- a better choice than Blue Max effords anytime!