Models built and photographed by Viktor Krogius. Click the thumbnail to see a larger picture!

Fokker E.V - Avis 1/32 NEW!

Lt. Richard Wenzil (12 victories), Jasta 6, August 1918. The Avis kit is surprisingly accurate, but it's a shortrun kit and quite crude. All the small parts had to be scratched or taken from some other source: Roden engine, Roden surplus part for the tail, struts are made of brass, Part Fokker D.VI PE used for cockpit detail and control horns, Spandau mgs by Brass with Master barrels and jackets, Aviattic 4 colour lozenge - and a tiny bit of 5 colour on the fin! Rest of the decal the kit's own or WnW surplus. Black and white decorations all painted.

Fokker D.VI - Roden 1/32 NEW!

Lt. Kurt Seit (5 victories), Jasta 80b. Roden kit is basic, but reasonably accurate. The upper wing has to moved some 5 mm forward and thus all the cabane struts have to be scratched. The fairing over the landing gear axel is too wide. You have to cut off 5mm. You have to modify the upper wing cutout for this very plane. The underside of the fuselage has no details at all and you have to add them all. The kit decal are almost useles. The Fratz text is modified and the face on the cowling hand painted. All the lozenge is from Aviattic (5 colours for the wings and four for the fuselage. That's how D.VIs were!)Rest of the decal are mostly WnW leftovers. These aftermarket parts are used here:
Part Fokker D.IV PE
Brass Spandau mgs with Master cooling jackets and barrels.
Taurus Models spark plugs and wingnuts (16 pcs)

Albatros D.V - Wingnut Wings 1/32

Otto Kissenberth's Jasta 23b plane. Turnbuckles are made of 0,4 mm injection needles, 0,15 mm steel wire and stretched cotton sticks. Windshield, flare box, spark plugs, water pump and some other detail scratched.Brown stripes on the seatbelts are made of painted decal.

Pfalz D.IIIa - Wingnut Wings 1/32

Hans Müller's Jasta 18 plane in April 1918. The plane was still quite new and shiny, when it got hit by flak and was probably written off. The 'lozenge' seen trough the red paint is hand painted with three shades of gray, i.e. only the hexagons representing three colours were painted. Underside of the wings is kit lozenge with two colours changed by painting them on top of the decal. Turnbuckles are made of 0,4 mm injection needles, 0,15 mm steel wire and stretched cotton sticks. Windshield, spark plugs, water pump and some other detail scratched.

Fokker Dr.1 - Roden 1/32

Detailed with Part PA set. Cowling modified. Markings partly painted partly from Aeromaster and kit decals. Johan Janzen's Jasta 6 plane.

Junkers J.I - Wingnut Wings 1/32

A model of early production J.I accepted and delivered in the end of 1917 (see Windsock Datafile no 39 page 10). Decals modified from the kit sheet. Too wide gaps between the ailerons and upper wing corrected and landing gear strengthened with metal parts. The plastic parts of the kit can't take the weight of the model. A PE jacket for the observers mg, golden Axial propeller logos and some weathering added later.

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