Models built by Viktor Krogius and photos taken by Jari B. Miettinen. Click the thumbnail to see a larger picture!

Albatros D.Va - Eduard Profipack 1/72

Tarnstoff ('lozenge') decals from Pegasus, other decals from the kit.

Fokker Dr.I - Eduard Profipack 1/72

A model of Jasta 11 ace Werner Steinhauser's Dr.1 in the winter 1918. This plane with yellow X on red band round the fuselage was the earlier of the two known triplanes flown by the ace. The kit ailerons have been modified to represent early style ailerons. All Steinhauser's personal markings, including the 'face' on the engine cowling, are painted.

Fokker F.I - Eduard Profipack 1/72

The kit parts has been modified to look like F.I ailerons and tail.

Fokker E.III - Eduard Profipack 1/72

The serial has been modified from the kit decals and the big 6 is painted.

Fokker E.IV - Eduard Profipack 1/72

Hauptman von Essen's plane 1916. Kit decals.

Fokker E.V - Roden 1/72

Self made markings and modified kit decals. Tarnstoff ('lozenge') by Pegasus. All kit struts replaced with Strutz brass. PE fret by Part

Junkers J.I - Eduard Profipack 1/72

Kit Tarnstoff decals used, but some colours corrected with brush painting. The kit upper wing with drooping down tips is corrected.

Spad XIII - Eduard Profipack 1/72

All OOB except the rigging.

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