British WW1 aircraft models built by Ami Hassinen (ahassine at All of them are in 1/72 scale, all of them brush painted and all of them are scratch built!

Royal Aircraft Factory RE7 scratch NEW!

All parts from scratch. Decals from different sources. There is no armament, since it is a model of a trainer.

Vickers F.B.5 'Gunbus' scratch NEW!

Scratch except the engine, which is a surplus part. Might be from a Toko 1½ Strutter kit.

RAF FE2b scratch

Might be my best build so far. The markings are not necessarily totally accurate. My reference source for them, "The Pocket Encyclopaedia of World Aircraft in Colour - Fighters, Attack and Training Aircraft 1914-1919 " by Kenneth Munson has turned out to be unreliable in many cases as far as paint and markings are concerned.

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