Early Finnish aircraft models built by Ami Hassinen (ahassine at

Friedrichshafen FF41 AT scratch 1/72 NEW!

The model is on display at the Central Finland Aviation Museum. FF41 AT was the largest aeroplane of the early Finnish Airforce and the first twin-engine machine. The plane was originally of the type FF41 AT, i.e. the torpedo version of FF41, but it had been converted to a marine bomber at Libau naval base in Germany. Finns bought the plane from Russian reds, who had occupied the base, and paid for the machine with a cheque of no credit!

Thulin LA scratch 1/72

The only Thulin LA biplane of Finnish white guards and later Finnish air force came to Finland in May 1918 and was destroyed in a crash in Februery 1919. It was used as a trainer. About ten first pilots ever trained in Finland got their lessons in this very machine. Ami's model represents the plane as it was in Utti in late summer 1918. The figures are from the Ukrainian DDS kit Pilots of the First World War.

Thulin D scratch 1/48

A scratch model of the Thulin D which Count Erik von Rosen donated to Finnish White Army in 1918. The plane was flown to Vaasa on 6 March 1918 with von Rosen himself as a passenger. Von Rosen had his personal symbols of good luck, blue swastikas, painted on the plane. The symbols became later the official insignias of the Finnish aviation forces. The plane became nominally the first machine of the White Army aviation force, thought there was a Swedish NAB Albatros SW 20 type aeroplane shipped to Finland earlier.

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