WW1 aircraft models built by Ami Hassinen (ahassine at All of them are in 1/72 scale, all of them brush painted - even the German 'lozenge' camouflage in most cases - and most of them are scratch built! Please note that in some cases the work is still in progress. New photos will be added as soon as the models are finished.

Hansa-Brandenburg W.12 scratch

W.12 prototype with a short fuselage. The prop and observer's gun are Roden surplus parts, all the rest from scratch. Kriegsmarine hex decal from Americal/Gryphon

Zeppelin-Staaken R.V scratch

A scratch project in progress. Most of the details and rigging are still missing. The lozenge is hand painted like it actually was in the original aeroplane, too. So there was no consistent pattern in the Lozenge. Definitely my biggest airplane model in 1/72. The span is nearly 50 cm!


Scratch. The airscrew is a surplus part from Roden's Fokker D.VII kit.

Albatros D.III Revell/scratch

A lifesaving effort for Revell's Albatros kit. All the flying surfaces and small parts are scratch built. The fuselage's gone through heavy modification. The Spinner's too long, must replace it with a better one from Roden's surplus parts. The serial number of Rudolf Berthold's plane is a fictional one and will be replaced with the correct one if it will be found out. I built this one before the Roden kit was released. I wouldn´t definetly go thru all this trouble anymore, when Roden´s model is around.

Albatros W.4 Roden

Roden kit. To make the flying surfaces look like transparent I drew the rib construction with a permanent marker under the surfaces and brushed a thin layer of paint over them. This method gives a nice natural effect and I've been using it with all my projects of 'rag coloured' planes ever since.

DFW C.V scratch

A scratch project. Lozenge is Americal/Gryphon decals, guns, propeller blades and cylinders Roden surplus parts.

Fokker D.VII "Early" Roden

A Roden kit

Halberstadt CL. II - scratch

A scratch project. Brush painted Lozenge. The propeller blades and observer's gun are Roden surplus parts. The real 'Brünhilde' might have had white tailplanes and the colour of the fuselage band is just a guess. I'll change them, if I'll find some new reliable information. Please note the long 'box' over the engine. You find this only in 'Brünhilde'. What might have been the purpose of that thing?

RolanC.II Airfix/scratch

The fuselage and the exhaust pipe 'ocarina' are Airfix parts, the spinner and the airscrew surplus parts from a Roden Albatros kit. The rest is scratch built.

Rumpler C.IV scratch

A scratch project in progress. The engine cylinders and airscrew blades are Roden surplus parts, all the rest is scratched. There'll be new photos as soon as the model is finished!

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