Here are my efforts in the large scale. I started to build 1/32 models in 2015. I have several WNW and other kits in my stash, so there will be more!

Airco DH.2 - Wingnut Wings 1/32 NEW!

My third 'How the Fokker scourge was won in 1916' model. I started it already in the summer of 2016, but it took me quite a while to finnish. WnW kits are nice and easy to put together, but this one took long to rig. I used Ez line, flat elastic line, GasPatch turnbucles and brass tube for the rigging. The instructions of the kit tells you to put flat wire between the wings, too, but I think photos of this 24th Squadron plane - there are quite a few on! - show clearly, that there were turnbuckles and round wires between the wings. The tail part, however, seemed to have had flat RFC rigging. The windshield is ridiculously thick. I should have replaced it with thinner material.

Nieuport 16 - Amodel 1/32

My second in the series 'How the Fokker scourge was won in 1916'. Finished in January 2017. Only a little bit late for the centennial of the episode (my DH2 is still on my work bench while I write this). Amodel Nieuport 11/16 looks reasonably good and accurate in box, but it turned out to be a son of she-dog to put together - if you excuse my Klachian. The fuselage parts did not fit together at all, the wing strut holes were in wrong spots etc. I built this model mostly because I wanted to try four colur camo on an early Nieuport. Earlier these were thought to be in two colours and I have also built a couple of Nieuport models in dark brown and green, this Albert Ball's plane in 1/72 for example. The Colours I used for the camo were Vallejo Saddle Brown, Xtracrylics Schokoladebraun, Citadel Castellen Green and Nurglin Green with a few drops of Castellan Green to make it darker. The dacal are from the kit sheet except the fuselage roundels, which are from the WnW Pup kit. The kit offered clearly too big roundels for this position. French Nieuports in 4 colour camo did not have roundels painted on the top of the upper wing. I thought it might have been the same with Albert Ball's Nieuport 16. I know no photos to back that up, tho. There's no good photos of the Lewis mounting on A134 either, but I thought Ball might have had a Foster mount on this plane already in the summer of 1916. I made the Foster mount of Roden and Academy surplus parts. The belts and nose seaming are Eduard PE and the turnbuckles are from GasPatch Models.

Nieuport 17 - Academy/Roden 1/32

This is my first model in a series called 'How the Fokker scourge was won in 1916'. I managed to get an extra Roden 1/32 Nieuport 27 kit with very reasonable price indeed and I wanted to try to use its parts to improve the old HobbyCraft/Academy Nieuport 17 kit in 1/32. The fuselage halves and wings are from the latest Academy 'First World War Centenary' boxing of the kit and the rest of the parts are from the Roden box. The Lewis Mk. I and part of its mounting are spare parts from an Amodel Nieuport 16 kit. The Roden and Academy parts fit together reasonably well. The fuselage is about one or two millimetres too wide for the Roden engine cowling, but that was an easy thing to fix. The PE parts of the new Academy release were next to useless and the decal sheet was also dissapointing. The Indian head and the rudder markings for this Raoul Lufberry's plane in October 1916 were ok, but the French roundels were too small and their blue much too dark. I used the Roden roundels instead, tho they are not quite right for year 1916 either. The blue spot was larger then. The stencils under the wings are leftovers from my Eduard Nieuport 17 Profipack build in 1/48! I always thought they look a bit large on a 1/48 mopdel, but here they seem to be quite right.

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